Volunteers of the Puppycide Database Project are no fans of the USDA's Wildlife Services. For close to a hundred years, Wildlife Services has operated under different names and slaughtered millions of animals annually that the federal government considers to be "pests" using irresponsible mass poisonings, traps and shootings.

In the year 2013 alone, Wildlife Services killed 4 million animals. Realistically, this number is likely understated, as it is based on the Wildlife Service's own reports. Because the means of mass killing millions of living creatures tend to be haphazard, Wildlife Services employees have been known to kill pets and endangered species, regularly hiding evidence of wrong-doing by burying the corpses of animals and refusing to report the incident.

So that brings us to the gratingly self-deprecating headline that the Washington Post gave to their recent coverage of Wildlife Services (who The Sacramento Bee dubbed The Killing Agency in a much more memorable headline and article about the tax-payer funded animal holocaust being waged by the USDA).

Washington Post USDA Wildlife Services headline

USDA's Wildlife Services killed 4 million animals in 2013; seen as overstep by some

An overstep by some. By some. BY SOME?!?!

Let's unpack some of the problems with this headline, which seeks to hide the information in this article while ingratiating itself to the USDA like a puppy might be extra nice to keep you from noticing it crapped in your shoes. "Some" suggests that killing 4 million animals for no reason in particular, in secret, using poison that has killed tens of thousands of family pets and so-called "aerial gunning" operations that have killed 10 human beings is a minority position. Most people - you know, right-thinking people, like congressmen and federal government employees and law enforcement union lawyers and the Washington Post and agriculture conglomerates - think this is no big deal and we shouldn't make a fuss over it because after all we did run three whole paragraphs on the 14th page didn't we?

These "some" are probably trouble makers and lay-abouts. Possibly even vegans or eco-terrorists.

Of course, the reverse is true. Just about anyone who hears an honest accounting of Wildlife Services' behavior is apalled. Their track record is indefensible. Wildlife Service's is a corporate welfare program (they intend to kill animals that are agricultural pests) that has murdered 10 human beings. That is about as popular with Americans as a tax audit conducted by Al Qaeda.

It is great that the USDA's seedy underbelly is beginning to get the attention that it deserves. But maybe next time the editors at Washington Post should put on their Big Boy or Girl Pants before trying to squeeze out another headline.