Alright, internet - you are being drafted!

You have read our blog. You have seen our numbers. You know how serious this is. But do you know that YOU can make a difference?

Josh Wieder Uncle Sam Dog (TO RUB MY TUMMY)

We know you are busy. Are you too busy to write a blog post? Are you too busy to send some tweets or post some pictures of cute dogs that need your help? You can't tell us you are too busy - we have seen your Facebook page and we have read your multiple page analysis of that movie and seen your detailed photos of that lunch. Put those skills to use, internet!

We need people like you to help us write new and informative blog posts and to moderate our forums and comments on our social media pages.

This is not madness! THIS ... IS ... MARKETING!!!

So hop to it soldier - get over to our Contact Page and give us your draft card by sending us an email, phone call or text message. You can sign up using our encrypted message form on that page too - but give us an email address or other way to reply to you if you use that form!