On Saturday, October 24th from 4PM to 6PM, we will be live-blogging and live-tweeting a protest organized by the owner of a dog named Sylas killed by a Fort Lauderdale Police Department officer known only as "Officer Ramos". The shooter, whose full name and badge number was withheld from Sylas' family, reportedly opened fire on the dog while he was only a few feet away from a toddler. The police encountered Sylas after entering private property secured by a closed gate without a warrant without the permission. Following a brief internal investigation, the Fort Lauderdale Police Department announced that the still-mysterious "Officer Ramos" would face no repercussions for either the killing of Sylas or the reckless discharge of a firearm with a child in the line of fire.

The Puppycide Database Project has discovered that this type of dangerous shooting - in which a child is in the immediate area - is shockingly common during police killings of dogs. One in five "puppycides" involves a child under the age of 18 in the line of fire.

The protest will be held in front of the Fort Lauderdale Florida Police Department at the corner of SW 14th Ave and Broward Blvd on Saturday, October 24th from 4PM to 6PM. We welcome readers to attend and speak to our volunteers - you should be able to spot us by our press passes!

Sylas' family have started a Change.Org petition which has already garnered 2,700 signatures as of this writing.

Those interested in attending the protest on October 24th can contact the organizers and RSVP on the Facebook page created for the event. The family also has a Facebook page devoted to sharing Sylas' story.