Last month, the Puppycide Database Project informed our readers of the shooting death of Kevin Davis and his three-legged dog Tooter by Dekalb County Police officer Joseph R. Pitts.

Our coverage was picked up and heavily quoted by the widely-read web magazine Daily Kos in two articles! Citations of the work of our researchers and volunteers is very flattering, and will hopefully bring additional attention to the ongoing problems surrounding the use of lethal force by police and transparency surrounding the same.

Our database records and library of internal police and court documents remain available for journalists upon requests. Furthermore, we have volunteers across the country happy to provide comment to local issues of concern.

Special Note - If your political leanings conflict with those of the Daily Kos - don't worry! The Puppycide Database Project has volunteers from both Team Red, Team Blue and all those in between. The vast majority of our work is focused on policies at the municipal level. Unfortunately, Puppycide has remained a problem regardless of who is in the White House.