The Puppycide Database Project has now implemented a project management software platform for our volunteers, researchers and other colleagues. The platform is hosted at

As PuppycideDB has grown, so have our responsibilities. We manage multiple websites and at least a half dozen social media accounts. Our volunteers must coordinate and investigate submissions received from fellow researchers, journalists, witnesses and activists. Our first publication compiling our data on the use of lethal force is forthcoming, as are numerous new software features. There's only so much you can do with Sticky Notes and email before something gets lost in the shuffle!

Like everything we do here at the Puppycide Database Project, our project management platform will be made available to anyone who asks. The platform requires a user name and password be generated for you by one of our administrators - to request an account, simply contact us and let us know! You do not need to be a member of Puppycide Database Project to be granted access.

Puppycide Database Project Project Management screenshot
A screen shot from our new project management program

It's important to note that will not be used exclusively, or even mostly, for technical issues. On the contrary, most of the projects that we engage in that require coordination are related to the research of new records to our database. Take, for example, the following task that is currently available for review:

Puppycide Database Project Project Management Task List screenshot

Users of can suggest new features to our websites and software without the need for a technical background. In addition to research, we also have a need for assistance with writing articles on our blog and social media sites - publishing submissions and editing will now take place here, as will keeping track of our ongoing projects like Faces of Puppycide and In Their Own Words.

Remember, the Puppycide Database Project continues to need your help! Despite reforms in some states in relation to officer training and use of force record transparency, the Puppycide Database Project remains the closest thing available to a comprehensive record of police violence toward animals in the United States. You can make a difference with just a few minutes a week to write a post, upload a few photos or interview a witness. If you are concerned about violence toward animals, there are few opportunities like this to change things for the better - don't let it pass you by!