It's not often that we get to report some good news here at the Puppycide Database Project blog. We aren't morbid; but we are just starting out Project. Making a change for the better to help save the lives of our pets is an uphill battle. Even though victories are few and far between, its a battle worth fighting.

Princess is one of those victories.

Princess Dallas PD Puppycide victim and survivor

Princess - puppycide survivor

On February 4th, an off-duty Dallas police officer opened fire on Princess and her brother Rocky, firing a total of three bullets. One of those bullets grazed Rocky and hit Princess between the shoulder blades. The bullet traveled down her boyd and exited through her elbow.

Police still have yet to release the name of the officer who shot the pair of dogs, neither of whom had injured the shooter or anyone else. According to witness statements, Rocky and Princess had dug a hole out from their fence line and ran toward the shooter while he was walking his dog. The shooter would later tell investigators that he felt "threatened", yet witnesses maintain that the shooter followed Rocky and Princess onto their owner's property in order to shoot them.

Following the shooting, Rocky & Princess' owner Juan Torres confronted the shooter.

“I asked him why he shot; then he asked me if I would have done the same thing. I said no. He got mad and started coming at me, and that's when his fellow officers backed him up and took him into the car."

After the shooter had shot both of Juan Torres' dogs and had to be physically restrained from attacking him after the shooting, police cited Juan Torres for not maintaining vaccination records and "allowing" the dogs to run at large.