The Delaware State Police have released a statement on their Facebook page giving their version of events related to the raid of Mark Reedy's home and the subsequent killing of his dog. The Delaware State Police's explanation for the killing of Reedy's dog flies in the face of video evidence obtained by the Puppycide Database Project.

In the statement, Delaware State Police allege that Mark Reedy is currently under investigation for murder without any reference to a victim and prior to filing homicide charges. It is a highly unusual move for law enforcement in the midst of a homicide investigation: if Reedy is somehow involved with a murder, the announcement could alert him to arrange to destroy evidence and silence witnesses. If Reedy is not involved with a murder, a pre-charge allegation opens the State Police to a future lawsuit. It is difficult to understand what the Delaware State Police's motivation for such a statement could be.

Less unusual are details of a domestic violence incident that allegedly occurred between Mark Reedy and his girlfriend at Kent General Hospital on November 12th. It is unclear if Mr Reedy is suffering from some kind of illness or from an injury - in a video-taped statement Reedy released on his Facebook page, he remains reclining in what appears to be a bed throughout the recording. Police confirmed that Reedy was in the hospital, and that his girlfriend was visiting him, when the domestic incident occurred. Reedy has yet to be found guilty of any charges stemming from this incident.

Following the domestic violence allegation, a Family Court Writ of Injunction was issued against Mark Reedy. Such injunctions are common following allegations of domestic violence. While requirements and stipulations of a Writ of Injunction vary, the filing of an Injunction has no relationship to the guilt or innocence of a defendant in a domestic violence charge.

Delaware State Police allege that Reedy was pulled over on November 19th while leaving his house, and that at that time weapons were seized from his car by Smyrna DE Police Department officers as part of the Family Court Writ of Injunction. Mark Reedy, however, alleges that on this day police entered his home without a warrant and has provided a photo from a hidden camera of a police officer entering through the front door of his property as confirmation (PuppycideDB was unable to confirm the date the photo was taken).

Police go on to say that the November 20th raid, in which Mark Reedy's dog was killed, was conducted as part of a homicide investigation. The State Police press release carries few details about the killing of Reedy's dog by police:

"On Friday, November 20, 2015 the Delaware State Police Special Operations Response Team executed a search warrant and attempted to serve the Family Court Writ of Injunction at the suspect’s residence. Upon entry into the residence a dog was encountered and less than lethal force was used in attempt to subdue the animal, but was unsuccessful. The animal became aggressive and lethal force was used as a necessary measure for the safety of the officers."

A video obtained by the Puppycide Database Project that shows the entry of the Delaware State Police Special Operations Response Team into Reedy's home appears to contradict the police statement. In the video, Reedy's dog flees from police as they enter the home, and makes no attempt to bite or attack officers before they open fire. An article released by The News Journal cites Sgt. Richard Bratz who claims that at some point police use "less-lethal" beanbag rounds at some point during the incident.

Mark Reedy himself turned himself in to State Police yesterday and remains in custody.