The shooting of Leon Rosby's dog Max by three still-unnamed Hawthorne police officers two years ago and Rosby's subsequent arrest for photographing those same police shocked the nation. Just one of the many Youtube videos of the graphic killing of Max has 6.9 million views. Meanwhile, here at the Puppycide Database Project, we have done our best to cover Leon Rosby's trial, complete with all the gory details of the police's attempts to coerce dishonest testimony from witnesses who recanted on the stand.

Thankfully, Leon Rosby's trial ended in acquittal on the worst charges and a mistrial on two remaining lesser charges. Since that time, it remained unclear just how vindictively the City of Hawthorne would pursue the remaining charges. Even a trial that ends in acquittal is devastating on a whole host of different ways.

That's why we were happy to discover that the decision to pursue a second trial was taken out of the hands of prosecutors, and made by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lauren Weis Birnstein. Judge Birnstein wisely granted a defense motion to dismiss the remaining charges. Rosby is now officially free and clear.

There does remain the small matter of a pending lawsuit that Mr Rosby has brought against the Hawthorne Police Department. We will keep our readers posted on developments on that front as they become available.