NOTE: This post contains video and photographs that may be unsuitable for younger viewers.

UPDATE: Photography is Not a Crime published an article on the Mark Reedy shooting shortly after this blog post, and was kind enough to cite Puppycide Database Project as their source on the story. While PuppycideDB focuses on research, PINAC is much more experienced with breaking news. We recommend checking their website for ongoing coverage.

Puppycide Database Project just received a copy of the video below, in which officers from what we have been informed are Delaware State Police and Smyrna Police Department raid the home of Mark Reedy. In the short video, officers identify themselves before immediately bursting through the door and proceeding to open fire at Mr Reedy's dog. The dog appears to have been fleeing from the police at the time he was shot and did not attack the officers. Mr Reedy's dog died from the gunshot wounds he received from police.

In a series of posts to his Facebook page, Mark Reedy described how Delaware police entered his home twice - the first time without a warrant. According to Reedy, the first search occurred 11/19/15 when he was not at home. Delaware State Police called Reedy to schedule an interview, and shortly after ending the call with police, Reedy received a notification from his home security company that an un-authorized person had entered his house. Reedy claims that he has security video showing police entering his home on the 19th, but it is not yet posted to his Facebook page. UPDATE: In the last post to Mark Reedy's Facebook page, a still image of police entering Reedy's home was shared. This image does not appear to be part of the video in which police shot Mr Reedy's dog. While the camera taking this photo is in a similar position to the shooting video, the camera appears to have been hidden to some degree in the second video by what may be a table. (NOTE: Because Facebook strips identifying information from photographs that are uploaded to its service, called EXIF data, we are unable to verify the date the photos were taken or the GPS coordinates in which they were taken)

The second search, which occurred 11/20/15, police did have a search warrant. That search appears in the video and resulted in the shooting of Mr Reedy's dog. Reedy stated that the searches of his home were to seize firearms. In the video, a large black gun safe is visible on the right side of the frame. According to Reedy, police attempted to break into the large safe using a pair of screwdrivers. The gun safe, with scraping damage and the screwdrivers, are pictured here:

Police at the scene removed large sections of the wall next to where Mr Reedy's dog was shot, presumably to remove bullet fragments and holes, which could be used as evidence in both criminal and civil proceedings.

In a decision that can only be understood as vicious, whether out of malice or out of complete disregard for the well-being of Mr Reedy and his family, officers left deep pools of blood behind where the dog was shot. Investigators found the time to take a saw to the walls, but not a mop to the floor.

Mark Reedy's Facebook page indicates that he is a Harley Davidson enthusiast and a former EMS worker.

Additional information about this incident will be forth-coming in the coming days. Should any PuppycideDB readers have further details about this shooting please contact us