Daily Dot staff writer Amrita Khalid spoke at length with Puppycide Database Project IT Director Josh Wieder yesterday. Parts of their conversation, as well as data provided by the Puppycide Database Project, was included in a Daily Dot feature story today called "How to keep your dog from being shot by police".

Puppycide Database Project Josh Wieder The Daily Dot

We provided Khalid with access to our forth-coming research paper, Police Shooting Pets: Use of Lethal Force Against Animals by United States Law Enforcement, as well as a large sample of the Puppycide Database. The Daily Dot published little-known trends first uncovered by the Puppycide Database Project, for example the involvement of children in 1 out of 5 dog shootings we reviewed out of a sample of 1,400.

In addition to our team, Khalid spoke to representatives for a bevy of activist organizations as well as law enforcement. For those familiar with the topic of companion animal violence, it may not be surprising just how much agreement there is that the killing of pets by police represents a serious problem in the United States.

Fans of PuppycideDB's Facebook page will also be happy to see that our friend Jeffrey Justice was interviewed at length. Justice testified at both state congressional hearings considering the Colorado Dog Protection Act, which was recently signed into law.