The Puppycide Database Project has been closely following the shooting death of Autumn Steele by Burlington police officer Jesse Hill since the tragedy occurred.

The story has seen a number of recent developments. In the single positive note in the story, the Steele family dog (who was also shot by Hill but survived) was finally returned to the Steele family. County Prosecutor Amy Beavers use the authority of her office to prevent the State Attorney General from providing oversight to the shooting investigation, and then declined to press any criminal charges against Hill.

There has been a tremendous outpouring of support for the Steele family. A petition to free the Steele family dog received over 18,000 signatures. Now, members of the Burlington Iowa community are organizing a rally in front of Burlington City Hall to offer their support for the Steele family. The rally will be held one week from today, on March 16th at 1 PM CDT.

Those interested in joining the rally are encouraged to confirm their attendance on this Facebook page for the event.

While Prosecutor Beavers has prevented criminal charges on the part of the municipality, a civil suit cannot be prevented from her office. There is also the much less likely possibility that the local police department will pursue disciplinary measures that are sorely needed. Real consequences are an important part of preventing further violence.