The Puppycide Database Project team was recently contacted by Julie Wyatt of Beau's Wish. Beau's Wish is a small non-profit from Nashville that helps place shelter dogs in loving homes. Check out their website, their Twitter and Facebook page.

We have never plugged anyone on our blog before (and it is likely we never will again), but Beau's Wish is a group that is just getting started, has a great cause and could use your help. They are selling T-Shirts to help finance food and shelter for dog foster care as well as neutering. Their fundraiser has two weeks to go and they just need to sell six more shirts to raise their minimum target. Check it out through this link

Here's what the ladies versions of the shirts look like:

Beau's Wish T-Shirt

Just to be clear: Beau's Wish is not affiliated with PuppycideDB in any way and we aren't receiving any payment for this.