This morning our volunteers completed a series of big changes to the computers that power the Puppycide Database Project. Hopefully, these changes will be completely unnoticeable to you, but they will make a big difference to PuppycideDB. Completing this migration has guaranteed that our technological expenses are completely covered for the next year.

Covering expenses is a big deal for us. Since our inception, we have declined any cash donations. The small amount of resources we use have been provided directly as gifts by volunteers or supporters. This has allowed us to focus on our work, and helped to insure that our research is judged on its merits rather than our fundraising.

AggregateND, a group founded to use geolocation to fight waste in farming and agriculture throughout the state of North Dakota, along with the company of our Director of Technology, Josh Wieder, reached an agreement to allow Puppycide Database Project free server hosting for the next year.

For any of our readers or volunteers who happen to be foodies, or just concerned with agricultural waste, we recommend checking out the AggregateND project. Unlike PuppycideDB, AggregateND does accept contributions. Even though AggregateND is focused on issues in the Midwest, they can help point readers in the right direction toward organizations closer to home.

We have one project that we still desperately need assistance with - the encoding of our project records. Although we continue to receive regular contributions from volunteers to our database, we have had almost no assistance with content analysis - and we need help! Encoding records does not require any special skills. It is literally answering a few multiple choice questions about a specific puppycide. It takes a couple of minutes for records.

If we are not able to successfully crowd-source encoding, our backup plan is to rely on a service such as Amazon's Mechanical Turk. We need to complete content analysis to submit our research for publication. If we have to rely on Mechanical Turk or other paid labor, we will have to for the first time ask for contributions to support the project.

As always, we welcome feedback from readers, volunteers and anyone interested in PuppycideDB. Please contact us directly or via social media with your ideas.